To Derp or Not to Derp

Need to sharpen a blurry picture?

Blurry photos driving you crazy? There’s a simple and effective way to fix that in photoshop! I use it for my photography and cosplay pics all the time.

Photoshop quick tip:

  • Take your photo and open it in photoshop.
  • Copy that layer and make sure the top copy is selected.
  • Go to Filter > Other > High Pass
  • Your picture will turn gray (don’t be alarmed.) Adjust the Pixel Radius until the lines in the picture are sharp like a crisp pencil drawing (the sharper the lines, the sharper the image will be in the final product.) Hit OK.
  • With the top layer still selected, make sure you have your Layers window open. If not, go to Window > Layers. In the drop down menu of your Layers box you’ll see it says “Normal”. Set it to “Overlay”.
  • And voila! The blurriness of your image has been lessened and you can see detail that wasn’t there before. ;)

Note: Depending on the blurriness of your photo, it may not always turn out as sharp as you want it to, but it’ll most likely be better than it was before.

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