To Derp or Not to Derp

my mom used to tell me that cramps are god’s way of punishing women because of Eve disobeying god in that one bible story. I think she’s agnostic now, but that would make a lot of sense Dx

Wellllllll (and you might already know this but just in case others don’t…) the cramping is actually just the walls of our uterus shedding off all the excess blood that’s been building up in there for if we were to have a child (period blood is different from normal blood in that it carries a lot of nutrients and things that help the baby get started, which is part of the reason why it’s so much denser.) BUT, since I am definitely not preggers, it’s like “oh well I guess we don’t need all this then” and expels it through the va-jay-jay.

I might have believed the whole punishment on women theory when I was a lot younger, but cramping is just a natural part of the female body. ANY kind of muscle cramping is painful, in fact (ever had a charlie horse? Those suck big time.) Although it might FEEL like a punishment (sobs) it’s really just how we were made. And hey, some women don’t even HAVE cramps during their lady times (lucky them!) It really is amazing how different every woman’s period can be from the other’s. I envy my friend’s that only lasts 3 days. B( Takes me a fuggin’ week.

Anyway, sorry for the tldr;. Just thought I’d share my own opinions on this. :T No disrespect!

  1. arleykins said: Kudos to all the chicks that dont get cramps during theirs. I always get super painful ones on my first day ;_;
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