To Derp or Not to Derp

A lot of our computers are being updated and reformatted at work today, so my co-workers and I are all just sitting around, talking about people’s names and which ones sound douchey (so far we’ve said Kevin, Josh, and Brad, no offense to anyone named that) and what names comes to mind when we see each other. :T

Apparently, I will now be called Pudge by one of the guys, since every other nick name for me is taken.

And I’m like UM NOPE LOL.

But it’s okay because, if he does, I’ll threaten to call him Ronald. >:]

Idk guys I’m just bored.

I might livestream that Silent Hill Amnesia mod tonight. :T Just as a heads up.

  1. camadian-sularu said: Chad. Every Chad I have ever met turned out to be a douche in some way.
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